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    this is still very relevant

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  2. Anonymous said: befriend a boxer. choose a chihuahua. save a st. bernard. say hello to a heeler.

    aid, arm, and abet a dalmatian in exile


  3. adopt a dog. protect a pooch. harbor a hound. refuge a rover. collaborate w/ a collie 


  4. it would be a cool own to reblog every one of a person’s selfies but tag them all #body horror///


  5. new super smash brothers released, only characters on the roster are My Dad and Your Dad. $60 day-one dlc lets My Dad win


    1. bashir: jadzia, are you all right? you look a little pale.
    2. dax: thank you doctor, im fine. just a mild case of Trill updog syndrome.
    3. bashir: fascinating. [later] computer, what's

  6. tiramisu-ki said: hamlet was indeed the cheekiest procrastinator, the predecessor of youth today

    kids these days with their ghost peps and i phones


    1. hamlet: the rest... is silence...
    2. horatio: goodnight, sweet prince. may fli-
    3. hamlet: what did i JUST say

    1. ophelia: hamlet you manipulated me into an emotional breakdown and then felt me up in public at the weird play you wrote about your dad, in front of my dad
    2. hamlet: haha and then what ;)
    3. ophelia: hamlet, you murdered and dismembered my father
    4. hamlet: haha and then what ;)
    5. ophelia: im going to drown myself while you fuck around with pirates for some reason
    6. hamlet: ;)

    1. fortinbras: [enters stage right, with attendants] what the FUCK
    2. horatio: okay, so
    3. fortinbras: jesus fucking christ
    4. horatio: youre king of denmark now
    5. fortinbras: is that a body? is that... four dead bodies?
    6. horatio: yeah
    7. horatio: also who are you again