2. kebs said: are the live chats recorded in any way? I'be missed them so far but I'd really like to catch up!

    im afraid not :c 

    maybe i should look into that

    i don’t keep too much continuity between one week and the next, but i am also v. open to questions if you feel at all lost or confused!!

  3. »weekly livestream begins in two hours«

    this week we are going to talk about shakespeare and gender and sex and “madness” maybe


  4. freemasonic-yowl:


    heres a hard truth for ya: IPAs invariably taste like youre eating the ass of father christmas

    You got bad taste in beer from eating too many mythological asses

    "i love to shove my tongue up the sap column of a hemlock instead of having a good time with fermented wheat" -free masonic yowl


  5. heres a hard truth for ya: IPAs invariably taste like youre eating the ass of father christmas


  6. lil saint sebastian


  7. Brian Jacques on: the triumph of communism


    The great doors of Redwall Abbey, impervious for centuries, stood asunder for the first time. Abbot Martine watched from the belltower, aghast, as the great hall was stripped bare. No vermin horde had spelt the doom of the abbey, no pirate, no warlord, but rather the collective action of a thousand, nay, a million humble goodfolk.

    The feast table was twoscore meters of polished oak and yet still bowed under the weight of summer flans, blueberry buttermilk scones drenched in fresh butter, spit-roasted carp, immense flagons of ale and cordial, and the good polished silver that had served the abbeyfolk for centuries. It was the eve of the midsummer feast and yet the solid maple chairs stood empty. The food was conveyed hand-to-hand into the courtyard where the beasts of the world, mouse and vermin alike, stared aghast at the luxury that had been cloistered within the redstone walls. Ship rats, their ribs straining against parchment skin, lifted morsels with trembling hands.

    To the abbot the surging crowd resembled the bitter waves of the great sea itself, come to reclaim the very walls of his fortress as if they were nothing but sand and driftwood. The current swept bags of grain, honest iron tools, barrels of ale out into the dark forest, no doubt to be “redistributed” by the arrogant vermin-lovers. Martine called upon the ghost of Martin the Warrior to sweep the filth from his gates with his mighty sword, but was answered only by the clamor of marching boots and rousing song. The disarmed abbey guards milled about, purposeless. Some of them stepped forward to help shoulder the great table itself and carry it out to be thrown on the bonfire. Traitors, Martine thought. 

    A mole stepped forward from the crowd and pointed up at the belltower with one formidable claw. “Burr oi fer abbot see iffin I don’ burr hoi.” The masses cheered, raised their skinny paws in fists, and surged as one.


  8. some of u may have noticed that there was no livestream yesterday!! im sorry about this. im visiting family and the internet here is essentially a tiny man who carries one “byte” at a time to the nearest trading post, ties it to a pony, points it towards the sever, and smacks its fat bottom

    its slow

    i will try to run a chat-only discussion next sunday okay


  9. now with working chat! maybe!

  10. orbsteeb:


    (header by 3liza, of course)

    im taking a 15 minute break to take questions and drink some water and then will resume!! thank you to everyone who has showed up so far

    (via glyphpoems)