2. hephaestus: canonically a creep


    1. hephaestus, forge-lord: [heavy breathing]
    2. me, yawning: hephaestus is that you
    3. hephaestus the volcanic: [slow heavy breathing]
    4. me: dude.

    1. grey-eyed pallas athena: hahaha you wrote a poem
    2. me: yeah
    3. athena, patron of wisdom and war: haha idiot
    4. me: haha
    5. athena of the owl and aegis: seriously though good for you
    6. me: thank you
    7. athena: np

    1. eros, lust personified: hey
    2. me: im TRYING to SLEEP here
    3. eros, better known as cupid: sorry
    4. me: its okay

    1. Pan, avatar of dionysus and the primal urge: ahaha friends let us lose ourselves in wine and song
    2. me, internally: jesus christ keep it down

    1. lucifer, first of the fallen: it is actually fairly cool to be sexually deviant and have emotional problems
    2. G-D, lord of the hosts and whatever: actually you should do specific things with your nads, and apropos of nothing dinosaurs are fake
    3. me: heh

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  4. Anonymous said: maybe it became more serious to pander to fans who took it seriously in the first place?

    which came first, the chicken or the egg. the egg is a screaming skull and the chicken is called maimspur horrorbrood


  5. truedoommurderhead said: i think the idea that 40k was some absurd parody of science fiction sorta died off in like, the very early 90s at latest. if you look back to 1st and 2nd edition 40k it's all super tongue in cheek absurd but these days it's absolutely sincere.

    yeah maybe! like you can talk all you want about how names like “corvus corax” are “intentionally over the top” or w/e but just his wiki article is, and again im not making this up, over 10000 words long and none of those words are anything less than completely serious